May 2, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Spring Explorin'...

Brynwood's Taggart

Hi, Everybody!

The weather has been pretty great here at the farm this last week.
It's been a little chilly, but that doesn't stop Boo and me from explorin'.
(We wear our coats all the time, after all.)

Tag and Bella

Of course, if I go outside, the black dog gets to go, too. She's kinda my little shadow. We were checkin' out the rock line on our east boundary this week. (That's where Mom's favorite hickory tree is!) 

There are lots of new plants comin' up in our yard now. Where we're sittin' are lots of mounds that are gonna be full of lily blossoms all summer long.
Bella Blockhead

Dad used to be a professional photographer. One thing he always told Mom is to "check your background". She missed that this time, so it looks like Boo is balancin' a rock on her head. I actually think it's appropriate for her. She's a bit of a blockhead to Mom, even though she never is to Dad. She knows who the boss is. She doesn't fool around when she's with him.

Bleeding Hearts

Mom was really excited to see that we have a huge bleeding hearts bush on our little fence line. You can see that the flowers are almost all out. They'll hang there all summer, and we can't wait to smell 'em.

I have to admit, Bella and I think they're pretty, too. We are havin' almost as much fun checkin' out the new plants as Mom does, and we can't wait for Dad to see 'em, too.

Flowers At Hickory Hill Farm

When we walked back to the house yesterday, we saw more tulips ready to open up. These are all pink and girly. They're not really my style. I'm lookin' for more blue flowers instead. You for girls; blue for boys. Sorry. That's all I've got!

When you come back next week, our big news will be that Dad's home! We'll have lots of pictures to share, showin' you how glad we are that he's back.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Noreen Hammond said...

Love the picture of boo with his rock hat!!!!

Createology said...

"Check the background" is the best tip! Boo needs a better hat. But that is why Dad is the Professional Photographer! Love your exploring and finding lots of great plants. I have never seen such a large Bleediing Hearts plant. We have wild ones here in the forest but they are smaller. Enjoy your week and how great to have Dad home soon. Smoooches My Corgi Cutie...XO

Buttons said...

I see you have a hummingbird vine! I love mine. Wonder what color yours will be? Must be fun to see all those new surprise blooms. ��

Kris said...

Looks the farm is just amazing!!


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