May 25, 2017

Sewing Studio - Getting Close...

The Space Between Studios

I'm so very close to being organized in the sewing studio that I had to share a few photos today. There would have been more, but the light wasn't cooperating yesterday. No matter which camera I used, there were flares in my images. Because of that, I'll wait until the light is better to give you full photographs.

This is the area between my sewing studio and my fabric studio. I decided to place my tribute to Fezzik here, where I'll see it whenever I turn the corner to enter one of these rooms.

The quilting frame is another gift from Shelley. I've placed it here to be out of the way, but this is only its temporary space. I'm planning to put it in my bedroom or in the sewing studio once the dust settles.

Treasures From Friends

I've placed the wall pocket organizer (my own design) on the wall opposite the entry door into this room. The drawings of the sweet squirrel, oak leaves and acorns were done by my dear friend, Michelle Palmer (as was the pincushion in the lower left pocket).  The teddy bear was created by the talented Margaret Bouwmeester of The French Bear in Canada. There are acorns, Corgis and other trinkets that I hold near to my heart, so I've placed them here where I can see them while I'm sewing. I'm grateful for every piece given to me.

My Sewing Room Cutting Table

This is my view from my sewing machine. I have Mom's pattern file already filled with the jelly rolls, fat quarters, patterns, and other pieces that were in it before our move. Above it are two shelves, laden with some of the items that will be available in my Etsy shop after this holiday weekend. My television (with an integrated dvd player) is there for playing movies, tutorial videos and listening to music.

Along the door jamb, I've hung pieces created by Mary Wadsworth, which I'll share again (close up) soon. They were pieces done for me to remember Kes, and one for Brynwood with acorns. I haven't placed anything on the wall yet, though. I'm still waiting to unpack everything before I make final decisions about that.

Rebecca Has Returned...With A Corgi!
As I said, the lighting was a bit uneven in the studio, so I won't show you my cupboard wall or computer table quite yet. I promise that will come soon. I'm happy to say that Rebecca is back in the studio, and now she has a Corgi to keep her company! 

Handsome and I are looking forward to the holiday weekend...the holiday that always signals the beginning of summer in Wisconsin. It's going to be especially fun this year...and I have a great surprise that I'll share with you about that, too. Just not today. hee hee I'm going to make you wait until next week to tell you more. We're really happy about it, so believe me, waiting to tell you bugs me as much as it does you. (wink)


3 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Mary said...

Your space is looking great and I'm anxious to see the next batch of pics.

Jane said...

You're really getting everything organized just the way you want it! Really, really love your hanging pocket holder! Want to make one for myself! My mother used to make similar ones of unbleached muslin, to hang in our closets to hold our shoes.

Createology said...

I am so in love with your hanging pockets that showcase your beloved treasures. I always love Michelle's pen and ink drawings. My mother made plain pocket holders for our road trips and they hung on the backs of the driver and passenger seats. Why didn't Crayola make non-melting crayons back then? Your rooms are looking ready for you to sew. Looking forward to your big reveal! Enjoy your Memorial Weekend and the beginning of Summer...<3


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