May 5, 2017

I'm Getting There...

In-Progress Sewing Studio
I literally hit the wall yesterday. I'm past - way past - tired. I find myself sitting at my sewing table, watching "Chopped" cooking competitions, and wondering what to do next. 

I counted (from my ledger/list) two hundred two boxes emptied since April 9th...less than a month ago. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I find myself practically drooling these days. I decided to share a peek at the sewing studio (in progress). If things look curved or "bent", it's because this image was taken in panoramic mode. I panned my iPhone around this part of the room, which caused the distortion.

I know I still have at least 30 boxes to empty for the two studio rooms, but many of those boxes are threads for my thread cabinet; the contents of the pattern file; and the contents of the cutting table. Those places alone will account for a large number of the boxes I have left here...just not yesterday afternoon. (You wouldn't believe how much those three pieces of furniture can hold!)

Late Day

I finally had enough, so I called Tag and Bella and we headed outside to enjoy what was left of a beautiful day. The grass is getting a little longer, but I wanted to leave the dandelions for the just-awakening bees. The dogs enjoyed running through the grass and nibbling on the dandelions, too.

As they played, I took the empty boxes and packing materials out to the machine shed, and made the rounds to see if more of my plants had bloomed yet. They're getting close, so I'll share more pictures as soon as they're ready. 

My trip outside was just what I needed. I'm always re-energized by nature. I need to remind myself to do this more often. It works better than a nap for me. I took the rest of the day off, and I'm ready to get back to it today. A few errands to run this morning, and then I'll be working again. 

Handsome finished his music commitments yesterday, and is now making final arrangements to travel back to the farm. I'll take care of me, but I'll get my list finished before he gets here...and I'm even going to get to a quilt show with my girlfriend, Kathy on Saturday! I think a little "me" time is just what the doctor ordered.


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laura dowdall said...

You're right Donna ,a little me time as you've worked very hard and stuck at it the last month. It will be great for you to have handsome home.Enjoy your weekend lovely girl.xx

Createology said...

I am so glad to hear you are going to take "me" time which is so crucial. Your sewing studio will be such a refuge for you to create your beautiful Works of HeArt. Tag and Bella will be happy with runnning in the tall grass every day. Enjoy your girlfriend and the quilt show. Having Handsome home will make Hickory Hill Farm complete! <3


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