May 9, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Field Day...

A Very Great Day

Hi, Everybody!!

Yesterday was a very great day. The weather was so nice that Mom let us out to play while she took pictures of our yard. 

There was lots to snuffle for Boo and me. We particularly enjoyed the dandelions in our front yard. After a few minutes, Mom almost forgot we were outside with her! She finally turned away from what she was doin' and called my name.

Out Standing In The Field

She kept hollerin', but I wasn't answerin'. I was busy! I really didn't want to stop what I was doin', but Mom told me to "get home", 'cuz I wasn't in my own yard. She said she's gonna have to teach me where our boundary lines are so I don't get in trouble.


Well...I finally headed over her before she lost her voice. I ran a little bit, but I just knew she's wasn't gonna be happy with me when I got to her.

Takin' My Time

I wished the grass had been longer...or that I would have had an option to comin' when I was called. Unfortunately, I had to suck it up and take my medicine like a big boy.


I'm completely understatin' how irate she was when I finally got close to her. I thought she was hollerin' before. That was just a warmup for the tongue-lashin' I got when she saw my awesome makeup job. I was reminded that Dad was comin' home today...and I was a little too aromatic to be near him in that condition.

I ended up with a bath, and a little quality kennel time. I don't know why she doesn't give me the tv remote when I'm incarcerated! I keep seein' a title called "Dog With A Blog". I think we'd have a lot in common!

Dad got home before dinner time yesterday. Boo and I were so glad to see him. We were completely surprised. Mom has a better attitude now, too! Now maybe we won't be so bored! More on that next week.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Jane said...

Oh, Tag, you poor thing having to endure a bath and a tongue-lashing after your adventures! Glad your Dad got home safely.

Createology said...

Aaaahhh...the freedom before the incarceration! Tag dear you are probably learning your boundaries after seeing and hearing how upset Mom was. I bet she was more worried than mad. She NEEDS YOU!!! So Thankful Dad made it home safe and sound. Maybe now mom can relax a bit and enjoy more of her beloved family and farm. Smooches...


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