May 10, 2017

Apple Blossom Time...

Hickory Hill Farm Apple Blossoms
Fragrant, beautiful and plentiful.
It's apple blossom time at Hickory Hill Farm.

Handsome and I shared breakfast in the kitchen yesterday morning. I had taken photos of the apple tree in bloom before he got home, but he noticed that the tree was blooming as we sat eating our meal. 
I noticed the bluebirds courting in the branches, and then flitting over to our little section of fence where the bleeding hearts, tulips and daffodils are blooming. What a happy place, this farm. All is well, now that he's home. 


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laura dowdall said...

What a lovely picture.So pleased Handsome arrived home safely.xx

Createology said...

Happy Home with Handsome Home. Lovely Apple Blossom Tree. Savor all of it Donna Dear...<3

Mandy said...

How lovely. It all sounds perfect. So special to have Handsome back again safely after such a long journey. Spring is such a delightful season to share with loved ones.

mray said...

Your home is smiling too! So happy for you Donna, thank you for sharing so many pictures of your beautiful farmhouse...inside and outside!


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