May 30, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Settin' Up Our Camper...


 Hi, Everyone!
We had a busy week last week. Lots of runnin' around, and a 1000 mile, two-day road trip thrown in!

Bella and Tag

Boo and I love ridin' in the truck, so takin' a trip from Wisconsin to Ohio and back over two days is no big deal for us. We just get in and go. As long as we have our comfy beds, water and food, we're good.

We have it worked out so that we each have plenty of space. It might look like we're cuddlin', but I'm definitely not. I'm just lyin' there and havin' a good dream.

Stitches Shop Sign Installed On The Barn Wall

When we got home with my Airstream, Mom and Dad cleaned out our big barn and moved stuff around. Mom parks in this buildin' now. She wanted to put up the sign, so she and Dad decided this was a perfect place for it.

Aluminati Summer Parking Spot

Mom and Dad talked about whether or not my camper would go into our big barn for the summer, or stay outside. They decided it should stay outside, and this would be the perfect spot. We're gonna have a fire pit here and it will be our hang out place - and guest house - until the leaves start to turn color. It's gonna be fun, and you know how much I love havin' fun!

Bella and Tag In The Airstream
We're gonna enjoy havin' camp outs in our own yard...and havin' company stay here, too, from time to time. I think our grandkids might like it, too. S'mores. Campfires with Mom and Dad for us. It's just another reason it's gonna be a great summer.
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".


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Createology said...

Tag this is a great idea and Summer is goin to be the best ever! You and Boo are quite the Road Warriors. I bet Dad would be happy to let you do some of the drivin so he could be nappin with Bella. Happy Blissful Campin Summer...XO


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