May 16, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Hickory Hill Farm Turkeys...

Pouting Taggart
 Hi, Everybody!

Hope all the moms out there had a nice Sunday. I know Mom will tell you about ours later this week.
I want to tell you about some of the other residents here at the farm...turkeys!

Hickory Hill Farm Turkeys

We've had turkeys hangin' around for weeks. Mom said that the boys are chasin' around the girls...and it's also huntin' season, so they're dodgin' hunters, too! So far, they're doin' pretty good, too, 'cuz they are stayin' away from where the people are sittin'. They are cagey birds!

Hickory Hill Farm Turkeys

Around sunset on Mother's Day, we saw these guys in the north field.  There were three hens movin' across the corn stubble, and this showboat was bringin' up the rear. He was movin' low and slow, and then, all of a sudden he'd flare up his tail feathers and dance around a little before followin' the girls.

Hickory Hill Farm Strutting Tom

He looked just like a Thanksgivin' card model! Mom kept sayin', "Where are Dad's longer camera lenses?" Married to a professional photographer all these years, and she can't find all the lenses that were packed for the move! sheesh

I think this is pretty good, though. You can tell it's a big ol' Tom Turkey, right? Of course, you can! He's at least a 22 pounder!

Well, these certainly aren't the only turkeys we've seen around here. There are at least a half dozen more birds...and then, there's this one...
Liljegren's Suncoast Bella - A Turkey In Her Own Right
Bella was just hangin' out on Sunday, watchin' Mom and Dad workin' in the yard. I'd love to say what a turkey she is, but I really can't. I'm glad she's around. She's fun to play with (we ran our back legs off all weekend!), and she's not hard to look at either.
Truth is, she's actually a great lookout, too! She loves sittin' on the sofa (yup. We're allowed.), lookin' out onto the north field. She can see turkeys, deer and cranes before I even know they're around. I've heard Labradors have great eyesight. I think it must be true. Who knows what she'll see next? Whatever it is, you can count on me to tell you all about it.
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Createology said...

Hi Tag. Great reporting on the Turkeys and their antics. I did not know about Labs having such keen hearing...maybe it is the hunting gene Bella has. My Granddaughter has a very citified Black Lab and he has never seen a least a Love struttin turkey. Keep up your running and exploring and reporting. Have a Hickory Hill Farm Fabulous week my little Corgi Cutie...<3

suz said...

over the last few years we've been seeing more and more turkeys in the countryside here in southern New Hampshire, but I've never seen a Tom with his feathers displayed - very cool. The dogs must be having a blast!


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