May 1, 2017

Happiness At The Farm...

Sunday View

This was my view Sunday morning as I drank my cup of tea. It was cold and rainy outside, but my daisies, the dogs, and that cuppa tea kept me warm. (Also, if you look past the seed starters I have on the little table in the window - out to the fence row in the yard - you'll see a clump of greenery. Bleeding hearts!! They haven't bloomed yet, but I'll expect them any day now!)

I had recently related a story about a question I'm frequently asked about the farmhouse. When I tell people that we purchased a 98-year old farmhouse, many times, I've been asked if our home is haunted. Without hesitation, I have always replied that we live in a happy house.

Hickory Hill Farm Bluebird

As I sat talking with my sister on the telephone, we had a visitor who appeared, almost as an affirmation of my certainty that our entire property is a joyful place.
I brought my shepherd's crook from Florida, which I only placed near our side entry staircase a day or so ago. From my seat in the kitchen, I can just see the top of it outside the window. Imagine my delight when this beautiful, feathered jewel perched atop the hanger as I spoke on the telephone!


If I moved, the bluebird immediately flew away, but it came back to its new perch all afternoon. I was eventually able to snap a few pictures.

I sent off a text to one of the former owners' sons with this image and said, "See? I knew this was a happy house!" He told me that his mother always had bluebirds returning to the farm each year. 
I was delighted to hear that. I'm looking forward to seeing these lovely residents throughout the summer, and if we're lucky, another generation will be born in the fence rows here at Hickory Hill Farm. What a perfect way to end April, and begin the merry month of May. The bluebirds have returned, and the farm will shelter its newest residents within its happy walls.

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Nancy said...

Donna: Next to the Cardinal the Bluebird is my favorite bird. They are just so beautiful. I live in MI and there is a metro park near us where there are Bluebirds, but I have only seen them once or twice.

suz said...

what a lovely site! I live in the city, so blue birds are rare. We have sweet sparrows that come on my porch to visit and a mockingbird moves into the neighborhood for the spring and summer. Fortunately, I can drive 5 minutes out of the city and see wonderful birds. BTW, I love your kitchen curtains!

Createology said...

Yes, your Hickory Hill Farm is a Very Happy Place. I love your Blue Bird. Looks like he wants to sing to you. Seedlings in the sunny window...even if it is raining the light is bright...and Bleeding Hearts by the fence is very Happy indeed. Enjoy every discovery and know you are exactly where you should be my friend. The Merry month of May begins today! Oh I can almost see a beautiful May Pole with glorious ribbons. Happy May Day.

heartsease54 said...

You will need to investigate and see what they would like to eat so you can put a feeder up outside your window. The bird is lovely, we don't get bluebirds here, but someone said the hummingbirds are back, so I better get my feeders cleaned and ready to go.

Kris said...

Happy May day!!


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