May 13, 2017


Handsome and I worked yesterday morning, but in the afternoon, I put my feet up and knit! I've been working on this Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton yarn shawl for quite some time. It seems this has always taken a back seat to my other projects. 
I think I'll give it more attention this month to finish it. I really love the soft blue color.  Not only is it a portable project, but it's just the project to work on as I continue to set up my studio rooms. 
I'll unpack and organize during the day, and work on this shawl in the evening. Then, by the end of the month, I'll have new studio spaces waiting for me, and a completed shawl, too.

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!


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Createology said...

Your knitted Spring Shawl will be so beautiful and perfect for those cool evenings as you and Handsome enjoy your Hiickory Hill Farm. Happy Knitting...<3

Sewing In CT said...

Donna, Have a Happy Mother's Day!


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