May 4, 2017

Farmhouse Renovation - Temporary Kitchen...

Farmhouse Kitchen Hutch
In a few short days, Handsome will arrive at the farm. I've been busy as I continue to empty boxes, arrange and edit their contents. One area I've been giving special attention to is our kitchen space.

While Handsome and I have been apart, I've used a countertop convection oven, induction cooktop and various other electric appliances. Before my husband's arrival, our son offered up a used refrigerator and electric range from one of his house reno projects. Because we have decided to wait until late fall to renovate the kitchen, this arrangement was perfect! He brought the appliances to the farm on Tuesday.

I also discovered Facebook Marketplace. I wanted a piece that would allow me to remove the dishes from our pantry to make more room for foodstuffs. Of course, once the kitchen is built, we'll have plenty of storage for dishes, bakeware, flatware and pots n' pans, but I needed to get creative until then.

I found this beautiful hutch in the Marketplace (only about 20 miles away from here), and the price was great. In fact, it already has a home to go to when we're finished with it! There was a small mishap when it was being moved - actually the fault of the seller - but we purchased it anyway, and the door that was broken is being repaired to reinstall. Then it will be perfect for our purposes. 

The pantry is already rearranged; the hutch is filled; and I'm going grocery shopping later today. Our little dorm fridge will go into the basement to use as a soda fridge. It's actually come together so well, I may not be in any hurry to renovate the kitchen! At least we'll be able to take our time now to plan exactly the right farm kitchen renovation for Hickory Hill Farm.

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Createology said...

It is amazing what we can get by with. You have been very creative in your kitchen space. I do not know of FB Marketplace. How very thoughtful of your son to share appliances. You and Handsome will be soon dining together in your Hickory Hill Farmhouse.

Buttons said...

Ah....Memory Lane! Looking very nice. :)


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