May 26, 2017

There And Back...

Indiana Sheep Farm
Our Airstream has been at the Mother Ship (factory) in Ohio all winter for repairs to a soggy dinette floor. Once they affected the repairs (due to a manufacturing glitch, so "no charge"), they stored Aluminati until we could come to get her. Sweet, right? That's Airstream's stellar customer service for you.
Anyway, it's past time for us to pick her up, but they let us extend our stay because of the move. We decided on Monday that we'd head out yesterday for a quick "there and back" to get her and bring her home to the farm for the summer.
Ohio Barn

Rather than take our extended route to Madison, WI, down through central Illinois, we figured we'd just scoot through Chicago. Let's just say we won't come back that way. Too much traffic and construction south of the Windy City and into Indiana for our taste.

Although, once we got into the Fort Wayne, Indiana (and south, into Ohio), the countryside sure got pretty. Of course, I was enthralled with the barns. It seems they prefer white to red in Ohio.

Ohio Barns

We drove through some rain, but it was mostly overcast and cool. Just right for driving, and the dogs were content to sleep most of the trip.

Ohio Barn
We'll pick up our Flying Cloud this morning and get under way as soon as we can. We plan to sleep in our own bed tonight...with the moon shining on our Airstream safely tucked in our yard at the farm. It will be a perfect start to the holiday weekend.


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Createology said...

Aluminati will be so happy to be "home"...not the Florida she knew...and with you at Hickory Hill Farm. Safe travels. I love barns! However I am not familiar with white ones...I am old school and love old weathered wood barns. Happy Memorial Weekend Dear...<3


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