May 17, 2017

The Lilacs Have Arrived...

Hickory Hill Farm Lilacs

Our weather was perfect for "popping" lilac buds over the weekend, and the results were glorious! There are three different colors of lilacs on the farm, and the lightest color bloomed first. This is the color I remember from my childhood, and I couldn't wait to harvest some for the farmhouse.

Hickory Hill Farm Lilacs

I wish I had a way to give you a true perspective of the size of this clump of lilac bushes in our front yard. The bushes are at least fifteen feet tall and at least that far across. I grabbed my camera and pruners - and headed out to photograph and collect a few bunches.

Even The Smallest Lilac Buds

Even the tiniest buds are beautiful. They remind me a bit of forget-me-nots, but in sweet shades of lavender pinks, blues and purples. 

Hickory Hill Farm Kitchen Hutch
One arrangement is in my bedroom, and the larger one is here in the kitchen. Whether I'm upstairs or down, the rooms are filled with the fragrance of these lovely flowers. I looked for them when we first came to look at the farm, and I've waited for them since the weather started to turn warmer. 
My patience was rewarded, and I know there are more colors and arrangements to come before they'll be spent for this season. I'll celebrate every second of this bloom...and look forward to the next garden treat revealing itself.

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Andi's English Attic said...

Wow! That is some size. I have two small bushes in my garden (one white, one purple) and they have been blooming for about a week or so now. Each time I smell them I break out into the Ivor Novello song! xx

Createology said...

Lovely Lilacs! The size of that bush is ginormous and amazing. i love the scent of lilacs and your home must be divine with them on both floors. I have none here in the forest :o( May you enjoy every popping bud...<3

mray said...

Glorious, a gift from the heavens! What a wonderful bouquet to behold from your very own property! Perfect addition to your beautiful home, and I can almost enjoy the scent... so very pleased you shared your lilacs. Thank you dear Donna. Fond memories.


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