May 8, 2017

He's Almost Home...

Hickory Hill Farm Welcome

I'd planned to share photographs from the Saturday quilt show in Grafton, WI (I originally thought it was in West Bend), but my iPhone camera decided to die. I'll be getting a repair or replacement this week (it was a known issue for my serial number range). None of the photos I took were in focus, and there was no way to remedy the problem.

I came back to the farm after a wonderful day spent with Kathy, and went on the hunt through my list of (still) packed boxes and found the one with our cameras. Voila! I'm back in business, even though it's too late to take pictures of the gorgeous quilts we saw. I'll ask Kathy to email photos of her (prize winning) quilt entries to me, and post them later this week, if she acquiesces.

In the meantime, I want to share pictures of some after-lunch purchases I made while we were in Cedarburg. Handsome will arrive late today, and he'll see our Welcome sign when he drives in. I have to mount some hardware on the back so it will hang up, but then I'll put it up higher, so it can be seen from our driveway.

Hickory Hill Farm Barn Compass
This was my prize find. I wanted to eventually have a barn quilt installed on the east wall of our machine shed. I decided on a compass rose block. My thinking is that it will always point the way back to the farm.
Well, I saw this compass in metal and it seemed perfect. The creamy white will show up against the red barn boards, and it's about 30" across, so it will certainly hold its own on the wall. All I need are clamps to hold it, a ladder to reach the peak area of the shed, and my dear husband to stand at the base of the ladder to make sure I don't fall. (I wouldn't dream of climbing up that high while I'm here alone. I've been clumsy enough in his absence.)
I'll take of picture of it again, once it's installed on the end wall. I think you'll love it as much as I do. Tag will tell you all about Handsome's homecoming tomorrow. He, Bella and I can't wait! Wishing you a happy week, too.


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Createology said...

You and Tag and Bella will be all the Welcome Home Handsome will ever need...however the sign adds to your Hickory Hill Farm's Welcoming charm. Love the Compass and your idea for displaying it. JOYful day dear!

Kathy said...

Your welcome sign looks perfect with the rabbit! I'll send you my pictures. It was a fun day!

Kathy said...
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