May 27, 2017

She's Home...

Bad Weather On The Horizon

We slept well Thursday evening in Wapakoneta, and arrived in Jackson Center, Ohio early yesterday. Our Airstream, Aluminati, was waiting for us to hook up and leave. Handsome had new wheels installed before we arrived, having been told that there were two flats following our winter storage at the factory. We weren't surprised. The old set had served us well over the past six years, and it was time for a change.

Our trip was roughly 1,070 miles, roundtrip. Over six hundred miles were driven with Aluminati in tow, and in the rain. As we drove through northern Illinois, I photographed the squall line of a real gully-washer. Not long after I took this picture, we were being soaked.

Aluminati In Our Rear View Mirror

It was nice to look in our rear view mirror and see our Airstream behind us. With her new tires (and nearly empty interior), and the new tires recently installed on our tow vehicle, it was an easy - albeit long - trip.

Back To The Red Barns Of Wisconsin

Once we got into Wisconsin (in fact, almost as soon as we passed through the Illinois/Wisconsin toll stop) the rains subsided. We traveled up I-43 toward home, and we even saw the sun before it went down.

Back At Hickory Hill Farm
We arrived at the farm at almost exactly 8 pm...and we were glad to be back. We aired our two, furry road warriors and headed inside. We decided to deal with camper parking today, choosing last night to head into the house, feed Tag, Bella and ourselves instead. 
I always thank Handsome for getting us safely home. It was a long drive, but now this task is done and we can spend the rest of the summer enjoying our northern home. I may even change up the decor inside our camper before we take her south this fall! I'll think about that another day. I think today will be spent gardening. The weather is supposed to be perfect for it!

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Sewing In CT said...

Enjoy your weekend Donna. I can't wait to see "ASmericana" photos from your holiday weekend. I'll be in a lot of parades, so it's not very restful. :)

Createology said...

How very sweet to always thank Handsome for getting you all safely home. I do the exact same thing with my husband no matter how short or long the trip. Aluminati looks gorgeous. You certainly had weather but the photos are gorgeous. Enjoy your day of gardening. <3


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