May 11, 2017

My Beautiful Farmhouse Bed...

My "New" Old Farmhouse Bed
As soon as I arrived at the farmhouse in late March, I went online in search of mattresses for the farm bed I purchased last fall. After research, and then telephone calls, I decided to go with Antique Bed Mattress Company in Texas.
I worked with Linda, and she was really helpful. She asked me to set up the frame, photograph the set up, and then shoot closeups of the areas where the side rails meet the head and foot boards. She asked me to measure the inside of the frame so they'd know what size the mattress needed to be, and also from the floor to the top of the inside platform, so we could discuss mattress depths.
My Custom Mattresses

In the end, my top mattress measured 12" deep x 49" wide x 71 1/2" long, with a matching 4" deep box spring. The finished height of the installed mattresses is 25". Perfect! 

I placed the order on April 6th, and the mattresses arrived yesterday! How's that for fabulous customer service? 

Handsome and I cut and screwed the bed slats to the side rails (for stability). It is an old bed, after all. Then we installed the mattresses, and made up the bed. By then, I was ready to take a nap, but settled for simply lying down on the bed to see how comfortable it is. It's wonderful, and not a single squeak!
Customized Mattress Label

The last question Linda asked me was whether or not I wanted a custom label attached to the top mattress. I didn't hesitate to tell her, "Yes, please." along with the information I wanted to appear on it. It's the first thing we saw when we unpacked the mattresses, and it will be a lasting reminder of the bed that now belongs to the farmhouse. (I'll add a date to the label, too.)

The mattress line I chose is "Sweet Dreams", and it's a perfect name for the place where I'll sleep the nights away here at the farm. They will definitely be filled with sweet dreams.


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Danice said...

So beautiful Donna. So glad you are enjoying your new farmhouse :)

suz said...

that is really a great idea and the bed is beautiful!

Createology said...

Perfect antique bed for a beautiful bedroom. Looks like it will be sweet dreams with this mattress setup. Lovely in white! ZZZzzz

Goatldi said...

Very nice!


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