September 5, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Fetchin' At The Farm...

A Mouthful Of Grass
 Hi, Everybody!

While you were hangin' out, eatin' burgers, and relaxin', I was workin' on Labor Day. 
Mom and Dad decided I could use some exercise. A little stretchin' out, as it were.
Throw It, Dad!

 Dad got my attention as soon as he picked up that retrievin' dummy. I knew he was
gonna throw it for me, and believe me, I was pretty excited. I was ready as soon as he was.

Retrieve In Progress

 He's really good at throwin', and I had to run about two miles just to get to that dummy!

Fetchin' In The Back 40

Seriously. You can see me, right?
I got there in a flash. You'd think I'm rocket propelled. You'd be right!

Bringin' It Back

I'm one fast pup. I grabbed that dummy and showed it who's boss.
(Well, actually, Dad's boss when we're fetchin', but you know what I mean.)

Retrieve Accomplished

I snapped in at heel to deliver this dummy back to Dad.
I haven't properly fetched unless I sit and hold until Dad takes it from me.

That'll Do, Pig.

I'm a good boy. Dad even said so!

More, Please?

Come on, Dad! Throw another one!!

Really. I'm Ready For Another One.

 Seriously. Throw another one, please!

I Could Do This All Day
 We did about five hundred more retrieves yesterday...and I would have done
five hundred more. Mom took lots of pictures, but Dad said it was Bella's turn next.

I stood down so Boo could do some fetchin', but I'll spare you all the details.
Today is all about me for a change. No pretty girls allowed this week!
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Kris said...

Oh, Tag, you are the cutest!!

Andi's English Attic said...

Donna, for some reason your email button won't work for me. I hope you don't mind me coming here to say thank you for the bookmark you sent. It was a lovely thing for you to do and I always need bookmarks. It arrived this morning and survived my dog 'collecting' it for me from the letterbox. xx

Createology said...

Tag you are the fastest Corgi I have ever seen! I almost lost sight of you when you had to run so far to retrieve that dummy. Great Job!!! I bet Bella was jealous just watching how well you fetched and retrieved and heeled. I am super impressed. Stretching in that lucious green grass was a wonderful way to spend Labor Day. Hugs and Smooches...xo

suz said...

that is so cool - pretty smart puppy there! I'm jealous...I have a more needs to be said!

heartsease54 said...

What a smart boy you are Tag!


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