September 4, 2017

More Homekeeping...

The Pantry As Of This Weekend

The end cupboard in our pantry is looking truly abundant. It represents hours of joyful time spent in our farmhouse kitchen.

The Pears Keep Coming

I thought I was finished canning pears. The pear tree had other ideas. When Mother Nature speaks, we do well to listen. I harvested all these pears after I thought I was through canning, and added them to my canning agenda for the weekend.

More To Come...

On Saturday, I began by running out to buy more jars, and by 11 am I was washing jars, setting up my canning assembly line and prepping cucumbers. I started with them, turning the large cukes into hamburger-sized chips.

Next up were the tomatoes, followed by pears (after a 2:30 break for a sandwich). I kept after it all day, and by 7:30 pm, I was cleaning up our kitchen.

...And Even Gifts!
By the end of Saturday, I had canned:
  • 6 quarts of crushed tomatoes
  • 4 quarts, 1 pint of hamburger dill slices
  • 1 quart of pickled sweet banana peppers
  • 15 pints of pears 
I took a box of goodies up to Shelly and Andy's on Sunday morning so they could enjoy the fruits of the farm (and their garden), too. Of course, there's plenty more if they'd like.
I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day break. Handsome, the pups and I will be relaxing on this glorious extended weekend. Tag and Bella will be back tomorrow to visit with you.

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Rebecca said...

Have you considered drying some of the pears? My hubby likes them better then dried apples.

Createology said...

Very impressive to have such bounty in your pantry. You are so wise to can and share with others. Fruits of Labor...Priceless! Enjoy your time with Handsome, Bella and Tag...<3


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