September 11, 2017

Mama-To-Be Loves It...

Baby Bag Detail

Now that Heather has her Brynwood baby gift, I can share it with you!

Baby Bag Front

I showed you all the fabrics I'd chosen on Friday, 
and I cut out and prepared all the components the same day.

Baby Bag Back

I assembled the diaper/baby bag on Saturday, and by dinnertime it was finished.

Baby Bag Lining Fabric

The British have a term, "chuffed". It means "well pleased". I admit, 
I was chuffed when this one was done. I loved it, and was proud to
give it to Shelly and Andy's daughter from Handsome and me.

Heather With Baby Bag

Heather's baby shower was yesterday. There was good food, we played some fun games, and lots of Heather's family members in attendance who brought fabulous gifts for Heather, her husband and their baby boy. It was great for me to see the family members I already knew, and to meet so many lovely new ones. 

She Likes It!
It was also great fun to be there when Heather opened the gift I made for her. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter reaction from her when she opened the wrapping. It was very gratifying, and I'm personally looking forward to the next little package Heather will open...a new baby boy to join their family in November. As fast as this summer has passed, her delivery will be right around the corner!

Thanks for the invitation, Heather, Ashley (her sister) and Shelly. 
I really appreciate being included in your family's celebration.

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laura dowdall said...

Beautiful bag and mum looks chuffed with it too.Its going to be put to good use.How speedy you are Donna to put it all together in such a short time.x

Michele Merten said...

Donna Heather was thrilled as you can tell and it was wonderful having you there to celebrate with us.

Createology said...

Donna you created a wonderful bag for mother-to-be. There is always so much to have at-the-ready with a little baby and this bag looks just perfect. Momma looks "chuffed" as well. Great job dear. <3

heartsease54 said...

What a terrific bag and she looks very happy to have it. I was gone for a few days to see my Mom so am catching up on everything. Thank you so much for your very lovely and heartfelt card. Also received the bookmark and thank you so much! While I do mostly read from my Kindle these days, there are certain authors that I buy in hardback-Lee Child, James Lee Burke, Diana Gabaldon to name a few. I tucked the bookmark into the latest Lee Child. I tend to hoard his books and read them as slowly as possible to make the pleasure last.

mray said...

Beautiful baby bag! Your creations are always wonderful, from the clothesline bags to every unique handmade purse! Thank you for sharing your talented creations with us. I am using my new "Donna made" bookmark , and want you to know it is so more books marked with a scrap of lace. Thank you kindly my friend!

Jacque. said...

WOW!! That bag is something else! Another fabulous finish for you. YAY! xo


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