September 6, 2017


Clothesline Bag II - In Progress
I almost finished this one yesterday. The lining and straps are complete and the exterior is done. I just need to put them together and it will be finished.
I didn't spend as much time on it as I'd planned because I was watching the weather reports, and then corresponding or calling some of my Florida friends. We're closely tracking the path of Hurricane Irma and praying that it goes back out to sea to avoid harming anyone currently in its way.

I'll keep the television on weather networks today as I finish up this bag and list it in my shop. I have a diaper bag to make this week, too, for a baby shower on Sunday, so I need to finish the Clothesline Bag first.

I have a full appointment book this week, so I suspect this week is going to fly by. I'd better get busy.


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Createology said...

Seriously Super Cute! Love the fresh red with natural linen and those tiny little clothes hanging on the line! Praying for Irma to NOT reach landfall. Busy hands are Happy hands...<3


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