September 2, 2017

This Is What's Next...

Clothesline Bag - Pocket Detail

I started working on the next Clothesline Bag using natural linen and beautiful fabrics in patterns and shades of true red. I'm looking forward to seeing this bag progress.

The Next Clothesline Bag In Progress

I made my little garments for the clothesline yesterday, and then stitched them down onto the front pocket fabric piece.

The Next Clothesline Bag In Progress - Completed Applique' On Front Pocket

I had the stitching completed by the end of the afternoon, and it's now ready for when I start assembling the Clothesline Bag. I'll work on it over the weekend, but I've been blessed with more garden gifts, which need my attention first.
Weekend Canning Vegetables
Shelly told me the tomatoes in their garden are coming faster than they can deal with them, so I'll be canning tomatoes (and the rest of the pears!) this weekend. I'm also going to preserve banana peppers, green peppers, more basil and cucumbers, many of which were given to me. Of course, I'll share the jars of preserved vegetables with them when I'm finished.
The farm has gifted our two families with a great bounty this year. I'm committed to not letting anything go to waste this fall. I'll be canning today, and look forward to sharing the results.


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Createology said...

I L.O.V.E. your darling little clothes hanging on the line. This new true red and natural linen bag will be perfect and my favorite!!! Of course everything you create is my favorite!!! Canning those amazing foods will be so rewarding. Safe and lovely Labor Weekend...xo


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