September 20, 2017

Family Day...

Me, With My nephew, Logan
My youngest sister picked me up at the farm late this morning, and we headed to Milwaukee to see her son (my nephew). I love this boy, but with his work schedule and me being in Florida for the last sixteen years, we just never seemed to connect when I was back in Wisconsin. That all changed yesterday.

I got to see his apartment and visit with him for a little while. Our time together was actually cut short because he got called in to work on his day off. He's a sous chef for a relatively new restaurant (which he really loves), so he's needed to prep the food that's then presented to hungry customers. Duty calls, and he answers the bell.
That's A Lot Of Pearly Whites!
I really kinda stink at taking selfies, but I wanted to commemorate our visit with a photo of the three of us. We agreed we'll have to do this again soon on his real day off so we can have a longer visit.
After a too short time together, he headed off to work and my sister and I drove down to the Third Ward for lunch. (Delicious, by the way.) It was a nice way to spend a Tuesday, for sure.

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Createology said...

I like your family selfie. Sounds like a wonderful way to reconnect and spend the day. Happy memories...<3


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