September 9, 2017

My Next Project...

Farm Apron
When Jacque and I were at Royce Quilting in West Bend this week, I found something I wanted to make for homekeeping here at the farm. I saw this apron pattern and immediately found exactly the fabric I wanted to use.

All this canning I've been doing, I sure didn't want a white apron. I found this beautiful floral fabric for the main body of the apron. Then I saw the gold, leafy fabric that I thought would make a pretty contrast fabric for the trim and straps. 

This is the project I'll make after I finish the baby bag. It was almost done by the end of the day yesterday, so I'll definitely finish it today. I won't show you photos until after the baby shower on Sunday...just in case a certain mama happens to check my post today. I'm not giving it away, Heather. (giggle) You'll have to wait until Sunday!

Handsome and I are praying for the safety of all our friends and family in Florida. We've spoken or corresponded with many of those who hold our hearts in the south, and they'll be on our minds until we know they're safe after the storm. May God hold all of them - and any you hold dear who are also in harm's way - in the protection of His arms.


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Createology said...

Perfect apron for your Hickory Hill Farm life and the floral fabric is divine. Prayers are lifted for Floridians and anyone in harms way. We continue to pray for Harvey victims and now Irma, Jose and Katia and Lydia...Good Grief. Mother Nature is very unhappy with us and we all need to be kinder!!!

Rebecca said...

Just a quick note to say thank you for the lovely bookmark.
Gotta say I love the texture of the"cork"fabric! Can you tell me the brand name/ make /source for this stuff?

I made several aprons this year from mens shirts!!!! A real kick and with picking the shirts up at the thrift store a great price.

Dad Mom said...

Can you tell me where I can find that apron pattern, I have been hunting for one like that . It is so cute, I remember my Grandmother and Mamma wearing one like that and am needing some aprons, especially when I am canning . Thank you very much . I enjoy your blog so much . Inez Fay Hulsey hulsey.momdad7@gmail . Thank you

heartsease54 said...

That is a really cute apron pattern and I'm with you on the choice of fabrics, those look just perfect. Can't wait to see it.

Jacque. said...

Donna, I love the fabrics you chose and am looking forward to seeing them made into that apron. Have fun sewing! xo


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