September 7, 2017

A Finish And A Meet-Up...

BW Linen Clothesline Bag

Yesterday was perfectly delightful. I completed my second linen Clothesline Bag as planned, and spent part of my day meeting an online friend with whom I've corresponded since 2013. (You can find the handbag listed in my shop HERE.

Jacque of

I first "met" Jacque when we were involved in an online strawberry pincushion swap that I wrote about HERE. I later learned that she had a sweet chocolate Labrador who shared his name with a certain short, criminal Corgi. Both our dogs were named Tag! 

She lived in Madison, WI, so I figured we could get together when I moved back up north. Shortly before we came back, Jacque moved from Wisconsin to Colorado to be near her mum. Wonderful for her, but it thwarted my plans to meet with Jacque.

Some time ago, Jacque made vacation plans to visit Wisconsin and we made plans to meet while she was here. With so much in common, I knew we'd hit it off and I was anxious to meet her. I couldn't have been more right.

Felted Acorn Pins

We met for lunch, and I'm sure we sat at the table for nearly two hours. I took a jar of Hickory Hill Farm pears and Fresh Basil Pesto for her, and she gave me a set of gorgeous, hand felted acorn-topped pins for me. They have real acorn caps that have been sealed. Aren't they fabulous? I brought them home and installed them in one of the pincushions I made. They'll sit in a place of honor in my studio.
After our extended lunch, we left the restaurant and traveled a whole half mile to a Royce Quilt Shop in West Bend, WI. Of course, we both found a few things we had to have!

We visited, we shopped, we hugged and too soon went our separate ways. I'm so glad that Jacque made time for me during her vacation. It was a truly grand day with a beautiful friend who I feel like I've known forever. I'll look forward to our next visit when Jacque again vacations in Wisconsin.


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Createology said...

Wow! Your red and natural linen purse is sew fabulous! How fun to person...and you two look completely happy. Love the felted acorn pins Jacque created for you and how sweet of you to share your pantry bounty with her. September Satisfaction...<3

Jacque. said...

Donna...our meeting is truly a day that is on my list of special days. It was wonderful to meet you! Thank you so very much for the jars of pears and pesto...will let you know how much I like them when I open them. I am home now and will write a blog post all about my vacation. xo


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