September 22, 2017

Let The Games Begin...

Hickory Hill Farm Hickory Nuts

The squirrels have started foraging in the yard. That means one thing. The hickory nuts have begun falling, and I'd better put on my sensible shoes if I want to harvest any of them for cookies and cakes this winter.

We had storms last night, so many of them were on the ground in front of the farmhouse. Andy was on his hands and knees picking them up in the treeline between our properties...that's where the squirrels are right now, and he already filled a five gallon bucket! Those old trees are really producing this year, so I may have a little grace period before the squirrels move down the hill to the trees I pick.

So, game on, squirrels! I'll be out there every morning to see whether or not I can beat them to those precious nuts. (Don't worry. There are always lots of nuts I can't reach in the trees - or find in the grass - so they'll have plenty to carry them through the winter.)
Hickory Hill Farm Lavender Jelly
I also harvested more lavender from my garden yesterday morning, and made another small batch of jelly.
I told my sister, Di, that I wasn't happy with the color of the last batch (yes. I added food coloring). She told me that the McCormick "Neon" set has a purple, so she got some for me. I used it in this batch, and love the resulting color.
In case you're wondering about the green "thingy" in the bowl with the lavender flowers, it's an herb stripper. My same sister is a Pampered Chef consultant, and she sells these. (I'm not being compensated in any way for this endorsement - nor is this a solicitation asking you to make a purchase. I only posted this in the event you wondered what the tool is, and/or you wanted one for yourself. I know you guys. Someone would have asked.) 
There's a whole selection devoted to herbs and preserving tools. This tool easily pulls the leaves, buds or flowers from the stem of any herb. (If you're interested in checking out any of these tools, HERE'S the link to Di's business page for them.) 
I won't be doing any more canning until I purchase apples. I want to make applesauce - and maybe pie filling. That won't be before Sunday, and probably next week. I want to make my apron - and I  already need a few for orders - first. Oh, yes. I have to get out into the yard for my daily contest with the squirrels, too!


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Createology said...

Oh Dear you better hurry...those squirrels are quick little critters and they have lots more practice than you do. Happy Gathering! Your Lavender Jelly looks beautiful. Thanks for the link to the herb stripper as I had not known of one. You might just need to make yourself a Sumo Suit to wrestle those squirrels for those Hickory Nuts! ROFLMAO


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