July 18, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Waitin'...

Hangin' Out On The Porch

Hi, Everybody!

There's nothin' quite like hangin' out on a sunny day in Wisconsin. Really. There's nothin' better.

Our Favorite Spot

This is a one of my favorite places to hang out here. Our porch gives me a perfect vantage point to keep track of everybody's comin's and goin's. I can watch the birds, includin' the really big ones (that Mom says are sandhill cranes). I even chased them last week!

I can also see the little girls who live down the road when they ride around on their bicycles. They like to sing when they're ridin' around. I like listenin' to them sing. It's very sweet. Sometimes they even come down here to visit.

Black Dog

Boo likes to hang out here, too, just as long as someone's sittin' with her. She likes the company of people...especially if those people are Mom and Dad.

Dad was gone all last week, and believe me, we were both all missin' him. He left last Sunday and went to Illinois first. From there, he went on to the Windjammer's summer convention in Ohio. He was playin' music and catchin' up with his music friends.

Mom told us that Dad was comin' home on Sunday, so we spent the afternoon hangin' around outside, waitin' for him to come up the road.

Glad Dad's Home

Dad finally got home in the afternoon. We were so happy to see him! The black dog was actually talkin' to him, she was so excited! I was jumpin' up (which I'm not really supposed to do), but I couldn't help myself.

Boo's in heat again (oh, joy!), so when she's in the house, she has to be in her kennel until she's done.
Dad sat down to tell Mom all about his week, and I jumped right up onto his lap so I could hear better...and so I could cuddle Dad a little bit.

See? I can be sweet sometimes. Just don't tell anyone. They might think I'll make a habit of it.

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Createology said...

Tag honey your secret is already out...everyone knows how very sweet you are! Lovely spot you have there overseeing the realm. How wonderful to have children/girls in the neighborhoood who ride their bikes and sing. You and Bella are so lucky to have Mom and Dad and your amazing Hickory Hill Farm. Glad Dad made it safely home after enjoying his music and friends. Summer Bliss Tag...<3


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