July 24, 2017


Clock In My Sewing Studio

 One thing I ran out of this weekend...Time.

Rebecca and Her Corgi

I had grandiose plans to work in the studio this past weekend, but we spent much more time outside instead. The only thing I accomplished upstairs was in my sewing studio. I hung my television/dvd player on the wall and installed a few embroideries to clear off my cutting table. I have a few more things to put away (need a place for them), and then I'll take more pictures.

We spent nearly five hours yesterday mowing grass on our place, and also next door. We were returning the favor for all the times Andy kept our driveway clear last winter. Handsome and I each got on one of our tractors, and we split up the yards to get twice as much accomplished. It was nice to spend the time outdoors, and do something helpful while we were at it.

Fresh Beans and My Old Settlement Cookbook

Shelly gave us three (large) kohlrabis. I cut them up and blanched them for freezing. I put up five bags when all was said and done. She also gave us fresh peppers and beans. I think those beans will become pickled beans (great for Bloody - or virgin - Marys). I've canned dilly beans before, and think I'll do those. I'll pick up supplies on my next trip to town.

A Gift For The Farm

Friday, Shelly's brother, Craig stopped over when she and I were out for lunch. Craig delivered this gorgeous bench/shelf that he made for us. It was such a lovely surprise when I got back home.

Hickory Shelf/Bench

Craig and Kim (his wife) have learned how much symbolism means to me, so he created this gift with that in mind. He chose hickory wood. It's heavy and so well made, and is another gift that will be treasured from the family who used to live in our dear old house. The little squirrel was Mom's, and became mine when she moved to the nursing home. Squirrel loves the hickory bench, too.

Thank you, Craig and Kim for this most special gift from your heart and hands.
Thanks, and thanks again.

Tag and Bella...Every Vigilant
Whenever we go outside without Tag and Bella, this is what greets us on our return.
We love these two, and it just wouldn't be home without them.

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Createology said...

It seems we never have enough time to enJOY the things we love. What a loving and generous gift of the Hickory wood bench. It is beautiful. You and Handsome and Tag and Bella are very Blessed living in Hickory Hill Farm surrounded by Family and Friends and all of God's Glorious Nature. <3


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