July 14, 2017

Today's Another Day...

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My sister came to visit with me yesterday. We had a great time, and I look forward to seeing her again soon. 
After she left, I took out our larger yard tractor and mowed the grass...for over two hours. The breeze was blowing, it was a bit overcast, and perfect for the work at hand. The barn swallows swooped and darted for insects kicked up by the mower. The bluebirds tended their nests and watched me from the apple tree, and the wrens stuck close to their nests in our birdhouses hanging from our porch. Our yard looks tamed again for another week, or less if the rain continues.

What I didn't do was list up more fabrics in my Etsy shop or head to the studio to sew on my commissions. I took a few photos, spent time with my sister, enjoyed the outdoors, and later, hung out with the pups. I rested.

Today, I will be in the studio. I will sew, and then list up more fabrics. Remember, it's all about balance. I know I like it, and I think Tag and Bella do, too. So goes our life at Hickory Hill Farm.
I'll be happy when Handsome drives back in the driveway on Sunday, too. We're all missing him. Best keep busy. Time moves faster, and Sunday will be here before we know it. See you tomorrow!


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Createology said...

Balance Blessings Dear. You had a busy day as it was. Taking time to actually enJOY what you have and your beautiful surroundings is Priceless. Sunday will be here very soon. Fabulous Friday Sweet Donna...<3


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