July 5, 2017

Cork Needle Cases...

Cork Needle Cases

What a wonderful weekend we had! Our chores included gardening (mostly weeding and watering); stacking wood, baking, grocery shopping and then we played. Family came to visit and share a meal, and I spent a little time in the studio.

I went to The Sewing Basket in Plymouth (a quilt shop) to get new needles, and a much needed table attachment for my Destiny. They're a dealer for Brother sewing machines (Babylock's little sister), and the tables for the Brother will fit the Babylock.

Once I got back home and installed the table on my machine, I grabbed some of my cork pieces and made some needle cases for my shop.

Cork Needle Cases

In addition to being needle cases, these are also large enough to hold a mini thumb drive or a sweetener packet or two.

If you're intrigued by the cork wallets and bags I've been offering, but you'd like to see if you like the cork fabric first, one of these little cases is a perfect way to get a "look see". They're not expensive, so you can test the fabric before choosing to invest in one of my larger cork items, like my crossbody bags, clutches or wallets. I have new colors coming, too!

Cork Needle Cases
They're durable, have a snap closure and are just the right size to see if you like cork. I've got a few print choices to start, but will be adding more by the weekend. I'll list them in my shop later this morning, and you'll be able to find them at BrynwoodNeedleworks.com before the end of today.

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Createology said...

This is a great idea and sew perfect for little gifties to mail in a card. You are always sew creative. I love your cork fabric projects and my blue clutch is WONDERFUL as is the "needlecase". Lovely sewing day dear...<3. P.S. I shall need to check back in and get a blue and a black needlecase for certain.

JillyBee said...

"Sew" cute. Looking forward to receiving mine. I love the durability of the cork on my clutch wallet and this will match. As Donna says "Squeee".


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