July 19, 2017

Hickory Hill Farm - Garden Progress...

2017 Hickory Hill Farm Garden

I've really been enjoying working in my garden this summer. I've added new plants and have been weeding, cultivating and watering the plants we put in first. They seem happy to be here, too.

I found a tool I really like. It's called a "garden claw", and it's wonderful for aerating the soil, and loosening the weeds so I can keep the bed clear. We originally placed mulch in this bed, but it made it really hard to keep after the weeds, and looking ahead, I figured it might make it more difficult for the plants to get larger and spread. So, about a week after we originally finished planting this bed, I raked and removed as much of the mulch as I could.

2017 Hickory Hill Garden - Phase 1

Now, all I have to do is go in with the "claw", remove the dislodged weeds and turn on the soaker hose...unless there's rain in the forecast (like there was yesterday evening). Tag and Bella like watching my progress from their vantage point on the porch.

So far, everything is doing well. We began with hostas, lavender, foxgloves, obedient plant, hollyhocks, chamomile, basil, rosemary and cilantro. All of those plants are thriving. In fact, the basil seems to have doubled in size since I trimmed off four cups for my first batch of pesto! I'm ready to make my second harvest this week for another batch.

I found shasta daisies at a local garden center, so I've added Mom's favorite flower to our yard. I'm sure I'll add more of them in the next phase, next summer. I also added a pot of mint (which I kept in the pot to keep it from spreading this year).

Kitchen Garden

I also have a little kitchen garden, too. I purchased celery, lettuce and sweet potatoes a few weeks ago. After I trimmed off the bottoms, I placed them in water until they root, and then I'll transfer them to soil. One of the celery plants is already in soil and growing well. The sweet potato (on the back left) is really putting out leaves, but the roots aren't ready to plant yet. I have a second celery in the window and lettuce on the right side of the windowsill. (It's a little wonky, and so far, I'm not doing well with lettuce, so we'll see if this one makes it.) The four plants in the right foreground are kohlrabi. I've recently discovered this vegetable, and I love it! I'm curious to see if this method yields new kohlrabis, too.

Newest Garden Addition

We have a new addition to the garden, too. This is a fabulous, old double farm sink. It's about six feet long and really sturdy. My plan is to plant herbs into the sinks. My male corgi seems to think my tall plants are for his benefit, so I'm constantly shooing him away from them. This elevated garden planter is a perfect solution. Next year, my herbs will be planted here next to the back door where I can easily snip what I need. It will be a true farm-to-table project!

I guess my brown thumb really is turning green as I learn to tend the grounds here at the farm. It's my skin that's brown now from all the sunshine and fresh air!


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Createology said...

Hiickory Hill Farm really is becoming a true farm with your green thumbs and love of herbs and vegetables. Farm to Table will be wonderful with the antique double sink at the kitchen door. Love you are growing veggies from the veggie. Kohlrabi would be new to me also. Blissful Balance Sweet Donna...<3


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