July 31, 2017

Farmhouse Renovation - Fabric Studio...

My Studio Mascot

I finally finished arranging my fabric studio. I'm fortunate to have two rooms for my creative space at the farm. One room is for my fabrics, yarns and works in progress. The other is my sewing studio, where I have my machines, computer and - everything else. I'm not quite ready to show you my finished sewing studio, but I am ready to share my fabric studio.

My View As I Enter My Fabric Studio

As I walk into this room from the hall, I can see out the north window toward the field outside. I frequently see deer, turkeys or sandhill cranes through this window.

In front of this window is my map chest. I store plastic packaging, unfinished handbag or wallet projects and a few other things. The oak cabinet on top of that is filled with pearl cotton and embroidery floss.

On the wall to the right, I have two stacked cubby storage units. They hold some of my books, and a few trinkets on the top.

I added a beautiful, small oriental rug in front of the counter, because this is where I'll stand when I'm choosing, cutting or measuring fabrics. I wanted the floor there to have a little extra cushion. The rest of this gorgeous, refinished maple floors is rug-free.

My Cutting Table And Fabric Arrangements

I took four of my cubby shelf units (that were stacked on top of each other in Florida), and used them as the base for my countertop. The counter measures 60" x 48", so I have a lot of space for cutting the fabrics on the bolt, flat folds or from my rolls of cork or canvas. It's perfect to handle just about any cutting job.

Of course, my shelves made the trip from Florida and are attached to the wall for stability. I'm a little overstuffed with fabric, but I'll continue to sort through those as I have time. I'll be listing fabric from this stock in my shop in the coming months.

Cutting Table, Looking Toward Storage Closet

I have yarns and ribbons stored in the cubby against the wall. I also have upholstery samples stored here. I use them for a variety of projects, and now that I've sorted through them, keeping my favorites, so you'll likely see some of those again.

In the closet are my rolling drawer units, filled with wool felt. I also stacked my plastic cases containing projects in process and supplies that I usually carry when I leave the house to sew or stitch with friends. I also have batting and long bolts of specialty fabric stored stuffed in there (but I can easily still get at what I need).

Cork Crock And Storage Closet

Along this wall is another window, and in front of it is my grandfather's antique crock, filled with canvas and cork used to make handbags and wallets. Right next to the crock is my bulk zipper tape and more fabric used specifically in projects I have in my shop.

All in all, I quite happy with the results. I'll photograph the sewing studio as soon as I'm finished tossing in there. I just keep telling myself, "It's a process". It's all good, and things are definitely coming together here at Hickory Hill Farm.


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Jeannie B. said...

Your post is an encouragement - it is possible to have order amonst all that fabric and supplies!!

Createology said...

Lovely room for your passions and you do have a variety of fabrics and supplies to rival any retail space. With your sewing skills and expertise this is just right for creating amazing gifts for giving and for sharing. Oh Dear...I am a tad green with envy HOWEVER...I am thrilled for you Sweet Donna. Design and create and view out your window to all that Mother Nature offers...<3. This is Balance!

JillyBee said...

Love it. I want to make a table like you did with your cubbies. Love the rolls of cork. Thanks for sharing.

WAZOO! Quilting said...

I spy with my little eye, a corgi, hanging from a cord in one of the pictures! Impressive storage! Mine started out looking all pristine and organized, and now, is a bit 'over-stuffed' and not as pretty. Hey, it works for me! I'd love to come 'shopping' in there, for sure. Enjoy your new space, and pat the dogs for me.


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