July 12, 2017

Destiny's New Tattoo(s)...

Tattoo by Urban Elementz

I purchased this little bit of machine decor before we left Florida this spring. I decided it was time to give my beautiful Babylock Destiny even more "pretty". Well, I only just found it, too, so there's that.

Tattoo On Back Of Machine

They were really easy to attach. All you have to do is clean the area where you want to adhere the decals (I used alcohol pads), and then follow the instructions that came with the package. I made sure that none of the decals covered attachment points for servicing my Destiny.

Tattoo on Machine Head

I currently have my large spool stand attached to the top of my machine, but I added a flourish to the removable cover, too. When the spool stand isn't attached, the cover will finish Destiny's look nicely.
Wave on Wave - Ocean Tattoo from Urban Elementz
This is the design I chose for Destiny. It's called "Wave On Wave" - Ocean - clear back (as opposed to white), from Urban Elementz. HERE'S a link to Urband Elementz' site. Check out all the designs while you're there. You might find something you like! (I have another set in the hibiscus design, called Hawaiian Holiday, too. I'll be decorating my Janome with those.)
Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation, in any form, for writing this post. I'm just a happy customer who thought you might like to know about this machine "bling".


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Createology said...

That is a fun link you shared. Destiny looks lovely with her new Waves on Waves tattoos. My white mixer would like some tattoos...maybe after we move so I know my new kitchen colors. Have fun with your tattooed Destiny and all she creates. Wednesday Hump Day...<3

Danice said...

Very creative and decorative. Thank you for the link :)

mray said...

Destiny looks dazzzzling dahling!


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