July 17, 2017

Just What I Need...

A Chair For The Bedroom
...another project!

I need a comfy chair for the bedroom, so naturally, I went to Facebook Marketplace (again). I found a great deal on a comfy chair and ottoman.

I'm definitely going to paint the legs white, and then I'm going to reupholster it. I'm debating yardage of feedsack fabric, canvas drop cloth, or quilted fabric. I'm going to spend a little time sitting in it while I contemplate how I want it to look.

I'm "getting there" with the bedroom, but not quite ready to share pictures. I still have to paint the dresser I bought, and then, the washstand (which I'm using as a side table). I'm leaving my oak commode alone. No way that gets paint, because I love it the way it is.

Don't worry. When I get the chair done, you'll be the first to see the results. It won't be this week, though. I've got orders to fill and more listings to write up. I'll probably break up the process by painting the legs on the chair...and repainting a few spots in the stairwell that got a little nicked moving the chair upstairs (sigh).
This is going to be a fun week. I also have a few special things on my calendar, and I can't wait to tell you about them! What do you have planned?


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Createology said...

Very comfortable looking chair and ottoman. No matter how you recover it and with whatever fabric it will be wonderful. Moving anything is always such a challenge not to nick anything. Happy painting and sewing and enJOYing Balance Sweet Donna. <3


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