May 24, 2022

Tuesdays With Tag - Waitin’…

Hi, Everybody!

This is how I spent my day yesterday. I was waitin’ for Mom and Dad to get back home. They were gone most of the day, but we got lots of good attention after they got back home. 

This past week has been pretty good. I spent lots of time outside, even if I did have to wear a leash. I got a case of the go-aways again, but as soon as I started to run, Mom “limp-sprinted” after me so I didn’t get far. In fact, I got as far as Mr. Andy and Miss Shelly’s driveway and had to stop to “dooky” on their yard. Mom caught up to me, scooped me up and carried me home. 

Dad, on the other paw, grabbed the poop scoop and scooped up the gift I’d left behind on the neighbor’s lawn. He muttered the whole time and had a few words for me when he got back home. I’ve been on a leash ever since. I’m not a fan. 

Crystal cat is warmin’ up to me now. She takes her signals from Claudette, and you know how that cat feels about me. Next thing you know, they’ll be inviting’ me for sleepovers! If it’s not one cat now, it’s the other. Whoop dee do!

So, I’m pretty light on details for you this week. If I write much more, you’ll just get bored, so I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead. I’ll be interested to see how this week goes. I’m lookin’ forward to the weekend, and I’m sure you are, too. Have a nice Memorial Weekend celebration. I think I’m gonna go look for some treats. 

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then... 

"Been There, Chewed That!"


  1. Don't run too far Tag.
    You Mom is worried about you!
    I hope you have a fun weekend!

  2. You'll have to be on your very best behaviour Tag and not go running off. You don't want to scare Mom and Dad that way.


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