May 18, 2022

Take It Easy...

Monday was a very productive day. I began mixing up bread dough for the week. As the bread went through it's rise, I mixed and baked a batch a four-dozen chocolate chip cookies for our grandson (and his folks). The last thing I made was a homemade rhubarb custard pie (homemade crust, of course). 

Grandpa Handsome made plans to take in a baseball game in Milwaukee with our grandson, so Grandma got busy early so he could hand deliver the pie, cookies, and a few preserved favorites. Once I finished everything (in good time for Grandpa to leave), I sat down with a cup of tea to rest a bit.

Handsome had planned to mow the lawn, too, but didn't get it done before he had to leave. I decided to surprise him and do the mowing while he was at the game. That was my last task for Monday. I made a light dinner and settled into a comfy chair. 

Tuesday was sunny but cooler, so I worked on a few things in the studio. Handsome ran to a doctor's appointment and had a few other errands, so the pups stayed with me. I figured they would just hang out until he got back home.

Tag loves to spend his days in the back entry. The storm door has a full-length window, so he can catch a few rays, snooze, and watch the road for interlopers. Likewise Bella will settle in on a comfy rug or on the sofa in the living room.

This face, however, is like a naughty kid. I should have known to keep her with me, or kennel her up. The little, sweet-faced witch chewed up my favorite sandals. Grrrrr! I take part of the blame for leaving them next to the bed in our bedroom, rather than put them in our closet. However, that didn't mitigate my ire when I found them.

When Handsome got home, my sandals were waiting for him. He brought them upstairs to my studio, never noticing that they'd been destroyed. He was shocked when I pointed out their condition, followed by "You owe me a new pair of sandals". He was horrified, and offered to take me out immediately to buy a new pair, but I told him it wasn't necessary. By the end of the day, I'd ordered a pair exactly like them from Zappos, and they'll be here by Friday. 

I'm going to be fanatic about putting all my shoes away from now on. If they're out of sight, well, you know the rest. Otherwise, the rest of my day was uneventful. 

I've been designated in charge of the committee to plan our 50th high school reunion for next summer/fall. (I'm not even sure how that happened.) Anyway, it means I'm putting a little time into venue, dates, etc., along with another classmate. I've called a first meeting for Saturday morning, hoping classmates interested in working on the committee with us will show up. Planning for that is occupying a bit of my time at the moment, but I also want to get back to finishing the embroidery on my Everlasting quilt top. It's next on my list. Time to get it done.


  1. You've been busy!
    Naughty girl for chewing up your sandals!
    The last few days have been so beautiful, but rain today.

    1. Hi Marilyn:
      I think I might have raised my voice to her this time. We've never had a chewer like her. It's a little frustrating. My new sandals should arrive tomorrow. That will help. It's raining now here. My sister got awful LARGE hail in MN today. Ruined their roof, lawn furniture, and vehicles parked in the drive. They've already filed claims. Guess we should count ourselves fortunate to not have that.

  2. Sherry of createology. Donna Dear you certainly get a lot done in a day. Your bread looks delicious and rivals any fine bakery. Carly, Carly, Carly… I wonder why she is just now chewing shoes. She is way past teething isn’t she. Tag I hope your limp goes away. Enjoying good weather here…96F.

    1. Hi Sherry:
      Thanks, dear. I do love baking here. As for Carly...Handsome feels sorry for her because we didn't have any blankets or rugs in her crate, so he talked me into putting one of the old dog quilts in with her. Doesn't matter how nice or what it is...she chews it up. Makes for interesting yard outings. sigh She's back to no blankets, etc. I threw away the last quilt she was supposed to sleep on. She sure is past teething. She's over two now. Tag's still limping, but I'm keeping a close eye on him. 96ยบ? Wow! We're vacillating between mid-50s to low 70s, depending on Mother Nature's mood. Never know what to wear.
      Enjoy your weather, Sherry.


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