February 13, 2017

Tuesdays With Tag - Bella Shakes...

Brynwood Needleworks - Brynwood's Taggart

Hi, Everybody!
I'm gonna keep the chatter low today. I have a video to share.

Seems Boo is a smart Padfoot. It only took half a day for Mom and me to teach her her latest trick. Of course, a mitt-full of Mom's homemade sweet potato snacks didn't hurt either.

So, without further delay, I present our latest video - recorded by Dad - for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/RQ-9zHcq07w

Wasn't that fun?

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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notme said...

Terrific video! Love the credits:)

Createology said...

Hi Tag. Sorry I am a day late...life jus gets in my way sometimes. By your title I was thinking Bella learned how to do the Shimmy Shake. Silly me I never thought of a handshake until I saw the video. I would shake for mom's sweet potato treats. I hope they shared some with you for being a good cheerleader. Smooches...<3


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