February 1, 2017

Grab & Go Crossbody Bag...

Brynwood Needleworks - Cork Grab & Go Crossbody Clutch

Yesterday, I presented our realtor, Mary Westbook (Coldwell Banker agent extraordinaire!), with her own cork Grab & Go Crossbody Clutch.

I had shown her the regular G & G clutches, and she told me that she and her realtor friends wished they could find a simple crossbody for stashing their phones, keys and a few necessaries when showing houses. We discussed size requirements, and I got busy.

Brynwood Needleworks - Cork Grab & Go Crossbody Clutch Back

I knew she loved the Vintage Hibiscus Cork, and she preferred the brown cork I'd used for the back of some of the clutches I'd shown her. All they needed was a crossbody strap, and a little larger size.

Brynwood Needleworks - Cork Grab & Go Crossbody Clutch Lining

I used more of the starfish lining fabric, and made this bag 10" x 7" finished size, and added two tabs for attaching the longer strap.

Brynwood Needleworks - Cork Grab & Go Crossbody Clutch  Label

There's a Brynwood label front and center, too. I had the first one finished in plenty of time to give to Mary when she came to meet with us yesterday. She was thrilled. She said it was a perfect size and she loved the feel of the cork. When she left, she said she was off to share her new acquisition with her colleagues. (Of course, I put multiple business cards inside the bag so she could hand them out!)

I'm listing this bag in my shop now, so that it will be available to my readers, or anyone seeking a lightweight, cork solution to a wristlet.

Brynwood Needleworks - Peter Rabbit and Jeremy Fisher Tins
Before I leave you today, I need to make a correction. My longtime blog friend, Lesley in the UK, left a comment for me about my tin post. She was so diplomatic, asking whether or not I was sure that the froggy tin was from The Wind in the Willows. She suggested it might instead be Jeremy Fisher from the Peter Rabbit stories.
Of course, she was right!!! I also have a Peter Rabbit tin from the story. I don't know why I never associated the two. (face palm)
Thanks so much for leaving a note for me, Lesley...and for doing it in such a sweet, kind way. I'm happy to correct the record, my dear.

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Createology said...

Oh I do love this new style and how special you created just the right size for your realtor. I think you will be getting lots of commissions from her associates. The tins are super sweet and I didn't know the difference. Lovely day dear.


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