February 10, 2017

Mug Mat Swap Partners...

It's time to announce the swap partners for our March Madness Mug Mat Swap!
As there are an even number of people who signed up, I'll sit this one out, and
work on making the two mug mats that I'll give away after our swap is complete.

I'll be sending an email to everyone with their partner's email address so you can contact each other. If you are participating, but don't receive an email from me, it's because I don't have your email address. Please contact me asap so that I can put you in touch with your partner.
  • Terry G. (Goatldi) and Sherry E. (Createology)
  • Danice G. (Homespun Hannah) and Jody A. (tja)
  • Lucy G. (The Farmer's Attic) and Mary Ann M. (Handcrafted by Mary Ann...)
  • Toni S. (Sewing in CT) and Noreen H. (auntmeanie)
  • Denise E. (Happybugs) and Gloria Martin 
  • Lyn S. (Australia) and Nancy Stone (Nancy Matters)
Just to recap, here are the rules (reprinted from the last swap post) so everyone knows them. (Now that you know your partner's name, please contact them through the email I'll be sending to you to find out the information listed below.):
  • I will need your name, address and email information to correspond with you outside the blog, and to transmit your partner's information to you. I may post partner lists on the blog, but not your private information. It will not be shared with anyone except your swap partner. PLEASE contact me if you don't hear back from your partner.
  • What's your favorite color or theme? Your swap partner will need an idea of what you like to make your custom mat. When I assign you to your partner, I will share that information with them, and their information with you.
  • Yes, you may add a few goodies to your package when you ship the mat. If you want to share a local candy, or something that represents where you live, that would be nice. Nothing expensive, please. These are just little things...a tea bag of your favorite tea, a postcard from your state, or a treat. You'll need to make sure that whatever you include doesn't "leak" onto your mat, so separate ziploc bags are a safe precaution. You could choose to include a notion or two that you especially love...vintage buttons, ribbon... You get the idea.
  • Remember, you're committing to send a mug mat to your assigned partner. It would be sad (and not nice) if your partner sent a mug mat to you, but they didn't get one in return.
  • I'll ask that you each take a photograph of your swap packages before you send them out, and then email them to me. Once everyone has their package in the mail, I'll do a wrap up post here on my blog. I think it will be fun for everyone to see all the beautiful creations I know are going to be made. 
Due date to send out your swap package is: March 15th, 2017.

Have fun! I can't wait to see what you create for each other.


  1. Wonderful. I am so happy about this swap :)

  2. Yay! I am really looking forward to this swap. Thank you Donna for organizing this. Happy Mug Mat Sewing...


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