February 5, 2017

Swap Participants - Last Call...

Brynwood Needleworks - Mug Mats
Last call for participants in our  
March Madness Mug Mat Swap!!

If you're interested in joining us (or if I missed your earlier message and your name doesn't appear in my list) for our mug mat swap, please let me know by Friday, Feb. 10th. You can send an email to me HERE. (Just click on the word "here" to send me a message.) Please be sure to put "Mug Mat Swap" in the subject line.

To date, these are the names of the people I know of that want to participate:
  • Terry G - Goatldi
  • Danice G - Homespun Hannah blog
  • Mary Ann M - Newark, OH
  • Jody A - tja
  • Lyn S - Australia
  • Nancy S - Nancy Matters blog
  • Gloria M 
  • Noreen H - auntmeanie
  • Sherry E - Createology blog
  • Lucy G - The Farmer's Attic blog
  • Toni S - Sewing In CT 
If you're participating and haven't yet given me your address, please send me a note when you can. It will help me when I assign partners. Although I'll post the names (as shown here) for the swap, all contact information will only be shared between partners. (ie. Partner A will know Partner B's information and vice versa. I won't share that information with other participants - or openly here.) I'll share this information so that you can contact each other to find out favorite colors, themes, etc.

Remember, I'll participate in the swap only if we have an odd number of partners, however, I'm going to make up two swap kits of my own and will have a drawing for two names from the group after we complete our swap.

All swap packages must be mailed by March 17th, and I ask that each of you photograph your mat before you send your package off to your partner. (More on that later.) Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact me. 

I'll assign partners on Saturday, February 11th, and will post the partner list that day. I'll then send an email to each of you to share your partner's contact information. I'll also set timelines for contact, creation of your mug mat, and mailing in your emails.

Remember, there's still time if you want to join in. I know this is going to be fun!

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Createology said...

I was afraid I missed this while I had NO internet or phones. I am excited to be participating in this. Have I missed any information on size of mug mats? Thank you Donna Dear for organizing and hostessing this swap.


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