May 22, 2018

Tuesdays With Tag - My New Nickname...

Look What I Found!

 Hi, Everybody!

Boy, did I have an adventure last week. In fact, it was such a great adventure that I earned a new nickname.

Mom, Dad, Bella and I went outside so that we could watch Mom and Dad put up a new bluebird house in the yard. While they were takin' about 3 minutes to install the house, I got a wild hair. When they turned around, I was gooonnnnee! Zoom! Like that! They immediately started lookin' for me, but I had already skeedaddled to parts unknown.

Lots Of It!

I heard them ridin' around on Andy's four wheeler, and saw them ridin' around the neighborhood in Dad's truck, but I was way to busy to come when I was called. They told me they were worried that I might have been stoopid and gone a mile down the road to the highway. (As if!)

So, the story goes that about three hours later, while I was still on walkabout (or more accurately, "rollabout"), Mom headed up to the the house that belongs to the farmer who works part of our land. She wanted to see if I'd been spotted from his vantage point above the field. He hadn't, but there were other neighbors visitin' him who had their own cart, so they said they'd go look around, and call Mom if they found me.

Before Mom got home, they called and said I was up in the north field, (I already knew that!) , and they'd guide chase me back home. Mom got back to Hickory Hill and got on the cart to meet up with them, but before she could turn the key, there I was!! "Hi, guys! Miss me?" (Oh, boy, did they ever!)

The Inevitable Bath

I guess I smelled better than I'd even hoped for, because after Mom and Dad thanked our neighbors, and called the farmer to thank him again for his help, I got my fuzzy butt herded upstairs to the bathtub - and unceremoniously tossed in the water.

Of course, before Mom could get me good and soapy, I shook...all over everything. Mom had the same poo all over her, the bathroom walls, and on the window above the tub. Man, was I ever thorough!

I had to stay in the tub until she could get me completely cleaned. Once all my hard work was down the drain, she took me outside so I could properly shake, and then I was kenneled until I was dry. Then, she cleaned the bathroom...and took a shower to get clean herself. When she came back downstairs, she said she was exhausted. I guess she worried a lot about me while I was off on my little staycation.

Rats! Clean Again.

I bet you're wonderin' about my nickname? Well, all in all, I was gone about three hours. My new nickname is..."Gilligan". (Get it? A "three hour tour?") I'm not real fond of it, but as long as Mom has a treat when she calls me that, I'll come runnin'. 

As an aside, I haven't been allowed a private second to myself since. They're watchin' me like a hawk now. I guess I won't be takin' off for a while - or at least until they forget about this little incident. I might as well be back on house arrest. (Just kiddin'. I couldn't take that again!) I guess I'll just have to have doggie zoomies in my dreams for a while. You can't keep a roamin' corgi down!

I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Createology said...

Tag since I have never been a Corgi or even a dog, I just cannot understand what the attraction is to roll about in stinky poo. The fear of you being stolen or lost or worse would have killed me...however if you would have shaken that smelly poo all over me I would have died a thousand deaths and never recovered from the horror. Dramatic...Yes! Please NO more runnin off and scarin your Mom and Dad and the neighbors. Mom was very kind not to put you on house arrest after that stunt. P.S. I am very glad you are safe...and clean and fresh smellin.


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