May 18, 2018

Spring Has Arrived At The Farm...

Hickory Hill Farm Old Apple Tree

We have a few beautiful, old, apple trees on our property. This branch belongs to the one closest to the farmhouse.  I've shown it to you before...with the lilies that adorn the base of it all summer long.

Our Farmhouse

The tree is located just across the drive from our house. I've placed six hummingbird feeders from the hooks that were already on the porch. (One is hanging from iron double hooks outside the kitchen windows.) We're planning to replace those windows - on the far left - with a bay window. I love our kitchen view, and would love one without the post that divides the two current windows.

We've got three tiny hummingbirds visiting so far, but I'm confident we'll have more over the summer, as they spread the good news to their little friends. There's also an oriole feeder hanging from the other hook in front of the kitchen windows. We have two pairs (gorgeous Baltimore Orioles) that visit to eat the oranges and grape jelly that are suspended from that feeder.

Indigo buntings, tree swallows, bluebirds, chickadees, sparrows, blue jays, cardinals, nuthatches, finches (goldfinches and purple) and wood tits also visit the feeders daily. We've got suet and fruit/grub blocks that interest the various species.

Old Farmhouse Sink/Planter

Remember the galvanized double sink we added to the farm last summer? It's a raised planter now. (That's why I wanted this one!) Handsome and I placed the legs on pavers to give it added stability, lined it with weed barrier fabric and then filled it with soil.

Pardon the weeds under the sink. I've been purposely keeping the dandelions for the bees, and have to pull the grass, too. I'll get to those soon (along with the weeds growing in the flower beds around the porch), but I needed to get the plants in the soil first.


Last summer, I was paying $35 a half bushel for tomatoes! I was shocked, to say the least, so I decided then that we'd grow our own this year. There are six "Celebrity" variety tomato plants on the left side of the divided sink.

There's also a large tomato plant in the wooden planter next to it, which will give us a head start on fresh tomatoes this summer. I may have to thin them out as they get bigger, but hope to have another galvanized planter by then.

Yes. I do have the double galvanized sinks on the porch, but my plan is to find liners for those sinks and plant them with red geraniums. They're in pristine condition - like they were made yesterday - so I just can't bring myself to plant directly into them. They'll stay under the protection of the porch roof to keep them that way.

Cucumbers and Tomatoes

There are three cucumber plants (for pickling) yet to be planted. I'm looking for a long, drained, wooden planter to set on the ground in front of the sink for them. For now, they'll be here so I can water them with the rest of the plants.

On the right side of the planter, there are four "Roma" varieties for canning and cooking. I've also added two varieties of green peppers and one red pepper plant. (My own "salsa in a garden"!) There are also two cherry tomato varieties in pots next to the "friends and family" entrance to our home.

We also have cilantro, rosemary, basil, mint and chives growing in the herb garden next to the house. The lavender is getting big and the hostas we planted last year are already growing, too. I'll show you that area again after we finish cleaning up and installing the edging we bought yesterday.
The rhubarb is nearly ready to pick, too! We'll harvest some, and then wait until fall to cut more. This is its second summer at the farm, and I want it nice and strong so we can split the hills and continue to have them grow along the front of the compass barn as time goes on.

I'm back in the studio now. I have guests coming on Sunday, and I'm making special gifts for them. We're having a reunion of sorts with some of the ladies who used to work for me at Stitches (my needlework shop in the late 1980s-mid 1990s). I'm so looking forward to it, and want them to leave with a reminder of our time together. I'll tell you all about that after Sunday.

Today, I'll sew while all the newly planted vegetables grow. It's (always) a good time to be at the farm.


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Andrea H. said...

Beautiful garden. Hopefully you will have an over abundance of everything! I know you prefer vintage, but I've had great luck using galvanized animal troughs from Tractor Supply. I add a few drainage holes. Works much better than small pots and doesn't dry out as fast in the Georgia heat.

Createology said...

Donna Donna how does your garden grow? You are so wise to plant your garden with all the things you love to eat and can with. Looks like you will have quite the bounty this summer. Hickory Hill Farm is alive with your Mother Earth attention. Blessings Dear...<3


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