May 9, 2018

Work, Then Play...

Family Time At A Milwaukee Brewers Game

This is actually how our day ended yesterday...with a trip to Milwaukee with our elder son and his family. We went to the beautiful stadium that is home to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team, and boy, did we have great seats!

You'll notice our little photobomber behind Handsome. We had a group of nurses from the local VA hospital sitting in the row in front of us. We actually earned this because we'd done the same to their pictures earlier in the game. They hooted when they saw their pictures with Handsome and the "boys" in it, so turnabout was fair play. We weren't the only ones either. We saw many others taking pictures only to have someone behind them pop into the frame at the last minute...all in good, clean fun.

The Brewers were playing the Cleveland Indians, and our team prevailed 3-1. It was a great game with some really incredible plays. I'm sure we'll do it again over the course of the summer.

Pincushions For A Client
I had an order waiting to be fulfilled, as I was busy with the quilt show last weekend. I sat down on Monday to make one pincushion, and then did the other yesterday. They're now on their way to a new home, so I could really have fun at the game without worrying about an obligation at home.
"Work before play", and that's just how the day went.
I got this job accomplished inside, and Handsome and Andy worked together outside.
(Thank you for all your help, Andy. There are things we really couldn't do without you!)


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Createology said...

Work then play is the best way to end a busy day. Looks like All American Fun!!! Batter batter up...<3

Debbie Nolan said...

Donna - fun seeing you with your family and your pincushions are lovely. Caught up on a couple of your previous posts. Congratulations on your quilts and ribbons. Loved them both and of course your Posey was adorable. Hope your May is off to a great start. Always delighted to see your work.


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