May 16, 2018

Just A Little More...

Little Monkey Quilt - Almost Done
I almost finished quilting this one yesterday.  Only a few blocks left to quilt, and then I can bind it. I'll do that today.

Working In The Studio
Just another view, including more of my sewing studio. It's my happy place. The gold-colored gloves on my machine table are "Machingers"...those knobby gloves that help grip the quilt while moving it for free-motion sewing. Those two blocks are the only ones left to do. 
Tag had a "paw" in my sewing day being cut short. I could tell you about it, but I'm pretty sure he wants me to leave that to him next Tuesday. Don't worry, there are photos to go with this story.
If you want me, I'll be at the machine this morning. I'm hoping to get it bound and finished by the end of the day.

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Createology said...

I hope Tag’s paw wasn’t sewn. Cute Monkey themed quilt. Enjoy your day of blissful sewing...<3


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