June 5, 2018

Tuesdays With Tag - Tag (and Bella) And The Beanstalk...

Brynwood's Taggart

Hi, Everybody!

Goodness, it's hard to believe it's already June!
Before I tell you about the "beanstalk", I just wanna stop a second to remember someone special to Mom and Dad. Yesterday, my Corgi predecessor, Fezzik, would have been eight years old. Mom marks her calendar so that she can stop to tell the universe how much she loves and misses him. I wish I'd met him. I think we would have been good pals, runnin' zoomies, and splootin' in tandem in the middle of the livin' room floor. Mom says he was a good boy. 

Hope you're havin' fun at The Bridge, Fez. Happy Birthday from Mom, Dad, Bella and me. We miss ya, man.

Now, for the rest of my post for today...

Brynwood's Taggart & Liljegren's Suncoast Bella

Well, they're not beanstalks, but I'm tellin' ya...this year's rhubarb crop is HUGE! Remember that Mom and Dad transplanted these two hills just last spring? Well, they must be in hog heaven, 'cuz they just went plum crazy in their new spot!

They came up so fast that Mom's only had time to do that one pickin' from when the Stitches ladies were here to visit. Since then, they've flowered and gone to seed. I'm not the biggest of critters, but look how these plants dwarf Boo and me! I could make a fort under their stalks. Heck, MOM could make a fort under their stalks!

Check Out That Rhubarb!

Our plan is to have rhubarb all along the front of the compass barn. We don't think there'll be any problem at all splitting these plants to move in next to these. What do you think?

Mom's been stitchin' away on her "Flax Farm" piece. She should have made quite a bit of progress by the time she comes back tomorrow for her post. You'll have to tell her what you think about these plants.

She wanted me to tell you that (apparently) Blogger has changed one of their services. They no longer send emails to Mom when someone leaves a comment on her blog posts. She said that she'll start leavin' replies right on the same place as you do from now on. Of course, if you'd like, she'll also send you a personal email if you'd rather have a private conversation with her. Please be patient as she figures out all these changes. She's kinda tearin' her hair out right now.
Thanks again for stoppin' by!
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Debbie Nolan said...

Well Tag - your mom is certainly growing a great crop of rhubarb. Hmm - do you enjoy it in a pie? I know I certainly do. Have a super week.

Createology said...

Oh My Tag. You and Bella could get lost in those Rhubarb plants. Good thing mom knows how to make yummy foods with Rhubarb. June is here and the days are filled with nice long sunshine which we must enjoy before they are gone too quickly. I do remember Fezzik and the two of you would definitely have fun together and you would probably get in double troubles. Sunshine Smiles and Smooches...<3

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi, Miss Debbie:
Mom and Dad LOVE rhubarb pies...and crisps...and strawberry/rhubarb jam! She started freezin' some so that it's ready when the strawberries are. She'll be a cannin' fool again pretty soon.
Thanks for your note!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi, Miss Sherry:
Mom said Fez was a perfect, little man. I would definitely had tried to corrupt Mr. Perfect! lol

The weather was cool today, and was perfect for runnin' around the farm. We also spent time just sittin' on the porch and sniffin' the air. The only thing I like more is chasin' Boo or squirrels!

Hugs from Mom.
Smooches from me.

Mrs A. said...

Hello Tag,
Here is a work around for your mum. When you next do a post immediately it has posted go and leave a comment to yourself and tick the email follow up comments box. All comments left below you will then receive an email about. Afraid you will need to do this on each and every subsequent post though. It is all to with the new GDPR rules that came into force 25th may.
Hugs Mrs A.
P.s. I never miss one of your entertaing posts. Do you realise you could be distantly related to royalty as our Queen has always had Corgis in the palace.


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