June 9, 2018

Soooo Close...

Finished Barn - Flax Farm (Revised)

I finished everything but the second tree and the Bible verse on my "Flax Farm" project. I tried to finish it yesterday, but I had so much fun working on details.

I added a collar for Bella, and Tag needed an eyelash. Then, I added two small openings that are on our barn, and decided it should have a bluebird. The bird is completely stitched, rather than created with wool. All the fencing and flowers are complete on this side of the table mat now.

Finished Tree - Flax Farm

I completed one of the trees that anchor the ends of the mat. I still have the branches and leaves to complete on the other one, and then everything is finished except the Bible verse from Proverbs. I'll finish those today.

"Flax Farm" Revised - Almost Finished
This is the entire mat so you can see what I still have to do to complete it. The white lines are drawn with my iron-removable Clover chalk pen. I'm leaving them for now so I can properly align my verse. 
In case you're wondering how I'll transfer the wording to my wool, I'll be tracing everything onto Glad™ Press n Seal, placing it in the correct position, and then stitching it out right over the Press n Seal. Once it's all done, I can safely and completely remove the P n S. I'll take photographs to show you on Monday once I've got it all set up. After the stitching is done, all that will be left is to attach the backing fabric. I'll have that done to show you on Monday, too. Back to my needle and thread...


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Createology said...

Your Wool-work is coming along so beautifully. Every detail is sew perfect. Glad Press-n-Seal is new to me and I am not sure how you can possibly use it for stitching words. I am using it for some packing details...like covering the flatware tray and sealing all my salt & pepper glitter shakers...but I can’t get it to tear or cut properly or actually seal at all. I would love to see photos of your stitching process using PnS. Lovely weekend dear...<3

Quilting Tangent said...

Love that you included your 2 dogs.

ShirleyC said...

That is so neat!

laura dowdall said...

It’s a lovely piece Donna,can’t wait to see it finished.xx


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