June 6, 2018

Time For A Barn Raising For Flax Farm...

Flax Farm Has A Compass Barn, Too!

I changed the barn on the "Flax Farm" pattern to its very own Compass Barn. I'm using the white Clover marking pen to draw in my fence lines, wagon wheels and compass for this side of the pattern. I'll stitch those soon. I also added a blue roof to match our blue tin roof here at Hickory Hill Farm.

Flax Farm Under Construction
This image shows the sheep, ready to stitch, but they're all done now. I've started on the barn and will finish it today. I'll have the entire piece finished by the end of the week...or sooner! 

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laura dowdall said...

I love this Donna.One of my joys is stitching wool.X

Createology said...

Your changes have truly personalized this Flax Farm to Hickory Hill Compass Barn wool mat. It is coming along nicely dear. <3

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Laura:
I completely understand, my dear. I thoroughly enjoy working with wool, too!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi, Sherry:
I may have to change the name of it, right? Thanks for your note, girlfriend.


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