June 2, 2018

"Just The Flax, Ma'am"...

Watering  The Flax Flowers

I apologize for the bad pun. If you're anywhere my age, you'll remember Sgt. Friday on the original Dragnet tv series. (This was frequently his line when a witness got sidetracked when answering one of his questions.) Handsome groaned when I told him what I thought of for today's post title. lol

It was a wonderfully busy day yesterday. It was in the mid-60sº, so I got a little stitching time in. I was going to wait until last to do the flowers (kind of a treat, really), but I couldn't resist tackling them at this point. I stitched between running downstairs to rotate loads of laundry.

Farm Girl, Flax Flowers and A Sweet Sheep
My sister stopped by late afternoon, too. She brought some of her homemade floral jellies (peony, white apple blossom, and wild plum blossom) for me, and I shared some of mine (pomegranate, garlic-onion, cranberry/jalapeno, Christmas jam, and lilac). Then we headed down the road to a place where I'd seen "wild" lilac bushes on an abandoned farmstead. We picked enough for me to make jelly, and Sher to make lilac water.
After dinner, I made up the last batch of lilac jelly for this season. By the time I was finished...I was finished. I originally planned to stitch afterward, but decided to put my feet up and enjoy a late cup of tea instead. So, when all was said and done, all I stitched yesterday were the flax flowers. 
"Just the flax, ma'am." 
Sometimes I crack myself up. lol

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Createology said...

Yes, I remember “Just the facts ma’am” and I quite like your pun. Your Flax flowers are simply delightful dear. Another productive day well spent. Jelly On...Toast, Biscuits, Cream Cheese...<3


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