June 11, 2018

A Wonderful Surprise...

Milwaukee Symphony Performs the Score to West Side Story

I've only a little bit of my embroidery project (Flax Farm) to finish, and had planned to do it yesterday. My plans changed when Handsome told me he had a surprise. Instead of stitching, we got in the car and headed to Milwaukee to see the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for an afternoon of music.

MSO Program

The Symphony was performing the music score to West Side Story, while the actual movie played on the screen above them.
William Eddins' Biography
Guest Conductor William Eddins led the MSO in a stirring performance, moving me to tears more than once. Leonard Bernstein's score is timeless, as is the reinterpreted version of Romeo and Juliet. 

Handsome and I left the Performing Arts Center, as we have done so many times in years past, and headed to our favorite after-symphony restaurant (Mama Mia's on Greenfield Avenue in West Allis, WI). We enjoyed manicotti and their signature garlic fry bread before driving back to the farm. 

I'll finish my piece today. Yesterday was dedicated to music with my beloved. Oh, and we decided we'll get season tickets again. We realized how much we've missed our Symphony dates. It's good to be flexible.


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Createology said...

Wonderful! A date with Handsome and lovely music and yummy food...heaven! Stitching will happen. <3

Jacque. said...

You two! If you aren't the cutest two people I know!!! xo


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