June 19, 2018

Tuesdays With Tag - Paving The Barn...

Scopin' Out The Big Barn
Hi, Everybody!

Boy, did we have a busy weekend! I spent the weekend supervisin' Mom and Dad while they cleaned out part of the barn. Right now, it's only partially paved with concrete, and Dad decided he needs a full concrete floor (with goods reason).

Corgi Approved

Dad and Mom toiled for over four hours movin' stuff, so the workmen could start work yesterday mornin'. By the end of their work day, I declared the place "clean".
Ready For Concrete

The guys got here early yesterday mornin', and they spent their work day levelin' and bracin' the floor. It's ready and waitin' for cement that will be here before lunch today.

When it's all dry, Dad plans to build a drum room in part of the barn. That way, he won't have to carry his drums in and out of the house. It will be lots easier to load and unload his truck when he has rehearsals or gigs. Cool, huh?

Cleaned Compass Barn Floor
The Compass Barn still had packin' materials from last year. Mom and her nephew, Ethan had stacked, tied and recycled a bunch of it already, but when it started to get cold last year, Mom figured that there'd be little mousies nestin', and she didn't want to kick them out in the cold. She especially didn't want them tryin' to move into the farmhouse (which they didn't). 
Anyway, Mom and Dad wanted to add another job for our pavin' guys, so they agreed to level and gravel that floor, too. That meant that the rest of the packin' stuff had to go...in 92º weather. Did I tell you it was rainin' earlier in the day? It was steamy, too. Woof!
So, anyway, it's all cleaned now...and only one, little mouse got relocated. I didn't actually see it, but I came in after it skeedaddled and I smelled it! I tracked all over the perimeter to the barn door. I knew it had been there! After everythin' was cleared out, I gave it a final, good goin' over, and declared it "ready to pave".
Incoming Storm
Our workmen (and Mom and Dad) got it all prepped just in time. Mom took this picture of the skies to the north of our house. We lease part of our property to our nice, farmer neighbor to the north. (Actually, I'm quite intimate with these fields...See HERE.) Isn't his corn lookin' good? Pretty soon, I'll get lost snufflin' around in there!

As soon as the guys drove out of the yard, it started to rain again. As much as I like hangin' around outside, gettin' rained on isn't my idea of good times. We retired to the house to enjoy the rest of our day indoors. Worked for Bella and me!

The guys will be back tomorrow with their cement truck. I'll be supervisin' from the covered comfort of our big porch. (Mom's afraid I'll try to leave my pawprints in the wet cement. Wouldn't that be awesome!!??)
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".


  1. The whole family should imprint in the new wet cement to commemorate this wonderful occasion. Dad will have quite the “DRUMnasiam”. Tag you have done a stellar job of supervisin all this hard work and preparation. Smooches...<3

  2. Oh tag I so agree. All 4 of you need to document your time spent on this gorgeous property. Tell mom to get a wet rag and everyone go for it and then wipe your paws. Photos would be good when you write us next week so we see she actually took the hint.


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