June 14, 2018

This Is What's Next...

Acorn Pincushion Kit

I'm going to attempt this stumpwork kit before I head to Kentucky next month. I want to have a little working knowledge so I'm not completely (only partially) clueless for my week long class. Loving pincushions as I do, it seems appropriate that I should have (another) one with an acorn motif.

Acorn Pincushion Supplies
I'll also be working on setting up the borders for my Wooly Critters quilt. I need to choose the wool colors, and trace all the motifs for the final border. I'll set it all up first, and then stitch when I have time. 
I may as well keep working on applique', as I've toughened up my finger tips again. Believe me, it's a painful process! Now that they're calloused, it'll be easier to keep stitching. I'll pull wool colors today, and plan to stitch on the acorns in the evening.


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Createology said...

You are sew smart to practice and be ready for your amazing classes. Love the acorn pincushion and just the supplies even look like fun. Happy Stitching with your “conditioned” fingers. Very hot here and frantically packing a lifetime of accumulation. <3


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