March 20, 2018

Tuesdays With Tag - Hangin' Around...

Upside-down Corgi Sloth

 Hi, Everybody!

Today, I'm just gonna share a few photos of me relaxin'. We've been doin' a lot of fetchin' and runnin' outside in the nice weather, but when it's time to rest...I'm a PRO!

Seriously. Can you hang off a slippery sofa like this and not fall on the floor? You could if you were a pro like me! Be jealous. Be very, very jealous. (heee heee)

Snoring Corgi

When I've had enough of the "blood-rushin'-to-my ears" pose, I pull myself up, kick my legs out a bit and get right back to the business of sleepin'. Sometimes I even snore (or so I'm told).

Heaven forbid Mom should sit down in her favorite, comfy chair. Before she knows it, she's got Boo and me sheddin' at the same time all over her! Blonde on one side, black on the other. She's such a lucky girl. Really! Just ask her. 
I've got to get back to it, so I'm not gonna bore you with every, little thing we did last week. You can probably guess anyway, right?
I'll see you again in seven. 'til then...  
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Nita Jo said...

This post made me smile! Thanks for sharing Tag and Boo!

Createology said...

Tag, my head hurts just seeing you hangin off the sofa like a PRO! I like the Black and Blond leg snugglin on Mom photo. Enjoy your rest my little Corgi Cutie. Smooches...xo


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